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Fabulous Time Volunteering on Post-Natal: One Volunteer thanks the Hospital


I received this from Elizabeth William, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Worcestershire Royal.

Did you know that Liz manages over 200 volunteers who give thier time freely to the Trust.
Oh and she is fantastic (no money exhanged hands here)

The volunteers participate in huge ways: the Wayfinders who point people to thier appontments; the WRVS shop staff;the newspaper, sweet and library trolleys; helping with lunchtimes on the wards; chaplaincy; and students on work placement; as well as a huge number of other ways.

They make a huge difference. So next time you see a volunteer, maybe stop and thank them!
And if you have some time to give to the Hospital contact Liz on 01905 763333

Below is a letter Liz recieved from one such volunteer. Not only did she have a fabulous time, but the hospital benefitted.

It’s a win/win as they say.

Hello Elizabeth,

I hope you are well, did you have a good Easter?

I am writing to inform you that I will no longer be volunteering on the post natal ward…

Although, I absolutely LOVE volunteering, I am aware that these positions are highly sought after and as I now have my placement at university, I feel I should allow another hopeful student the opportunity to have my slot…

I have been volunteering every saturday morning since end of October and the staff have been fabulous (as have the service users).

I would like to thank you for facilitating my volunteering role at Worcester Royal Hospital, it has been an amazing experience… I cannot wait until September until I commence my midwifery training.Very best wishes, (Name supplied)