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Don't kick the NHS to death

Don’t kick the NHS to death

Is it just me or does the NHS still keep coming in for a kicking.
No wonder there are so many folkloric tales of not knowing what we have got until it’s gone.
Are we in danger of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs- or at least beating it to death?

Lots of the posts that people send me say how their lives have been changed because of the treatment they have had.
So think of our country with the NHS for a moment.
Where do you go when something goes wrong?
What do you do when some part of your body or another fails?
How do we function in an emergency?

Of course, that is not to say that there is no critique necessary for organisations – including the NHS. But its always about balance.
And the truth is that to the individuals who are treated, whose lives are made better – or even saved – the Health Service is important.

A short email from Mr. Sherwood puts this in perspective as he writes:

“Dear Dr Southall,

I had to attend Worcester A & E on Friday evening, at about midnight and wanted to offer my thanks to all the staff you have at this site. I have not had a great deal of experience with hospitals thankfully and the treatment I received right from the paramedic turning up at my friends house through to the doctors, nurses and ambulance personnel at A & E was first rate.

It was a scary escapade and at all times I was well looked after and kept in the loop on my progress. I would appreciate if you could pass my thanks on to them and also to pass this on to Harry Turner, who I understand is your chairman at the moment.

Kind regards

Richard Sherwood”

A first rate service in a scary situation. I don’t think you can ask for more that that.

So to all involved, I echo Mr. Sherwood’s words: THANK YOU.

You’ll Love This! Praise for Delivery Suite

Sophie and proud Dad

Sophie and proud Dad

Sophie at 7 months

Sophie at 7 months

This is lovely. A email sent and pictures provided. Gladdens the heart. And so important to remember, that in the middle of all the challenges and press negativity, there are hundreds and thousands of stories like this.

Dear David,
After reading the article in our Claines parish paper I wanted to contact you to share our experience of Worcester hospital. On 14th November last year I gave birth to our healthy baby daughter there, we ended up being high risk and had a forceps delivery. All through the experience the staff were wonderful, calm, reassuring and exceptionally capable. My husband was more nervous about the labour than me, and they made him feel so confident and part of the experience. Although we brought them thank you chocolates after, this is a wonderful way of sharing the excellent work that those hard working nurses and doctors are doing at Worcester. Kind regards
Claire Howitt

A&E Worcester: “This is how we would all want the NHS to be”

By email


I attach a copy of the comments I have sent directly to the hospital website, where I found your blog reference. If you can use any of the additional information I add below, please feel free to do so – a visit from you to compliment someone might make their day.

My partner Tony Bound was admitted to A&E from Malvern hospital on April 12th. Every single member of staff we met there was friendly, professional and caring.

He was transferred to AMU for a few hours, where Dr Claire Hooper ensured that he could have a CT scan the next day before allowing him to return home, for which we were very grateful. We would especially like to mention the outstanding care shown by Dr. Alexandr Cherepanov, who ensured that we understood the issues before Dr Hooper was able to see Tony, explained the CT result the next day and ensured that the images were transmitted to our local hospital in Suffolk before we left Worcester.

We don’t have the name of the young doctor (a locum) who was on duty in A&E when Tony was admitted – at about 11 am – but I think he would also be an excellent subject for the “good news” of your blog. In chatting – he was excellent at being cheerful and positive as well as professional – he told us that he “does humanitarian work in The Congo” and comes back to do locum work in the UK in order to maintain his skills. He seemed a lovely person! So did Dr Cherepanov – who went several “extra miles” to ensure that Tony’s scans were transferred to the Ipswich hospital.

They were both a great “advert” for your hospital, where we received 1st class service and support, and we wish to say “Thank you”.

This is how we would all want the NHS to be – in this case it was!!

Erica (Wren)

Worcester Councillor Roger Knight speaks of “First Class Treatment” in Hospitals


The comment from Roger Knight – Worcester City Councillor – is in the comments section but deserves a post to itself. Councillor Knight says:

“I have the greatest respect for the staff as well as gratitude and the treatment I have received over the years has always been first class. I have a lot to thank them for.”

Thank you so much for the comment.