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Rant over!! Back to Business! Praise for… Audiology, Chestnut, Postnatal, Hospital Staff

Lot's of thanks coming in...read on!

Lot’s of thanks coming in…read on!

Ok. I’ve had my rant about “psycho” costumes…everyone deserves a rant sometimes! But now it is back to the business of GOOD NEWS. And because it has come in thick and fast I’m including a few. So here goes.



The County Audiology Manager sent me two patients comments:

“[N] has just seen Edward and colleague in clinic. I was so impressed with them both, and how they worked with my son who has Autism.”

“Service and people are so helpful and happy: no place better.”


Elizabeth Williams (Volunteer Co-ordinator) writes: “I have heard from a couple of the volunteers who though sadly leaving us as volunteers are doing so because they are both about to take up university placements, one on a Medical Degree Course and the other on a Midwifery Course, both the volunteers have expressed their thanks to the departments they have been working with Chestnut and Postnatal as they feel that the experience of volunteering has helped with not only their course choices but with their applications to university. ”

“As I start university this time next week, today was unfortunately my last shift on the Post Natal ward. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to volunteer for you at Worcestershire Royal for the past 11months. This experience has been of great benefit to me for my future venture as a Student Midwife.”

“On the 21st of September I will be going to university therefore this Saturday will be my last volunteering session on Chestnut ward. Thank you very much for all of your help. It has proved invaluable to my university application and has taught me loads about working on wards.”


Mr Sermon writes:
“Dear David
Through you I would like express my sincere appreciation for the marvellous professional way I was treated when I went for my tests on Saturday. The NHS gets an enormous amount of stick from the press and politicians, which is totally undeserved, my experience was second to none. I could find no fault, the staff were so friendly and relaxing. If there is anything wrong, it’s that the NHS is being strapped for cash by the cuts, say no more.Thank you!”