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A Real Accolade: Organ Donation and a Funeral Reading



Michael Amies is involved in the Organ Donar Transplant Initiative in Worcestershire and has sent me this touching email.

Organ donation is a sensitive subject, so thank God for people like Emma who enable relatives in the most traumatic of circumstances to make informed decisions about their loved ones who have died. And what a privilege to be invited to share in one of the saddest moments of a persons life!

“A “good news” story for you – our Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation (SNOD) Emma Lawson was last week asked to do a reading by the mother of a young donor at his funeral. When you consider the circumstances under which Emma and this lady met, this is surely a real accolade for the way in which Emma does her job and is viewed by the family of the patient. Nationally, when the SNOD becomes involved in discussions with loved ones about organ donation, the consent rate is increased significantly. They do a most valuable job under circumstances that are always very taxing.

Michael has asked me to draw attention to http://www.organdonation.nhs.uk which I am happy to do.