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Enough Already! This is getting ridiculous! It’s praise Kerry Minnis Month!!!

Kerry Minnis: Bed Co-ordinator at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Kerry Minnis: Bed Co-ordinator at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

OK, enough already.
You will have seen my two posts about the Bed Co-ordinator

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Now Katy, a former colleague has written in and says:

“Hi David,

My name is Katy Duncan and I heard it was ‘praise Kerry Minnis’ month so I thought I would jump on the band wagon 🙂 I used to work on Avon 3 and in the short ten months I was there I made a life long friend in the form of the wonderful bed coordinator. This amazing woman has one of those behind the scenes jobs that is hugely under appreciated but very stressful and exhausting. Yet she not only gets her own job done, she always manages to help others with their work and cheer people up along the way. She has an infectious personality, always has a smile on her face and sees the best in everyone. I know of many members of staff that would thoroughly agree with me and when I left Worcester Royal for my new job I wished I could take her with me. When I heard about her award nomination I was delighted to see other people recognising the fantastic work this woman does. I also heard about your blog and the praise Kerry was receiving on it so thought I would give you my two pence worth.

Please post this on your blog, thanks.


The nomination was for the Staff Achievement Awards at Worcestershire Acute Trust and Kerry was shortlisted for the final. In the programme it said of her:

“Kerry is an integral part of the Capacity team.

Kerry has huge knowledge of patient pathways and provides advice, support and makes a huge contribution to patient flows throughout the hospital.

She works incredibly well under huge pressure and always delivers.

Kerry’s invaluable work helps to ensure the Emergency Access Target is achieved and patients are transferred to appropriate areas within medicine.

Kerry is always motivated, enthusiastic and provides an air of calm to the wards. Without her direct input, many discharges, transfers and admissions from the Emergency department and the Acute Medical Unit would not be facilitated.”So it’s not really enough already of Kerry. Add your own comment if you like. Or write in praise of a staff member who you think deserves it. Not everyone can win- that’s the nature of awards – but on my blog everyone who deserves it can be recognised. Plenty of room for more posts in praise of staff!