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You’ll Love This! Praise for Delivery Suite

Sophie and proud Dad

Sophie and proud Dad

Sophie at 7 months

Sophie at 7 months

This is lovely. A email sent and pictures provided. Gladdens the heart. And so important to remember, that in the middle of all the challenges and press negativity, there are hundreds and thousands of stories like this.

Dear David,
After reading the article in our Claines parish paper I wanted to contact you to share our experience of Worcester hospital. On 14th November last year I gave birth to our healthy baby daughter there, we ended up being high risk and had a forceps delivery. All through the experience the staff were wonderful, calm, reassuring and exceptionally capable. My husband was more nervous about the labour than me, and they made him feel so confident and part of the experience. Although we brought them thank you chocolates after, this is a wonderful way of sharing the excellent work that those hard working nurses and doctors are doing at Worcester. Kind regards
Claire Howitt

The most heartbreaking of times: A family’s thanks in heartache


No words really for this. I wish I could tell you the beautuful little boy’s name but can’t. However, it is engraved on my heart and those who met him. He was still born 1 day before his due date. A huge tragedy. I had the privilege to take his funeral service along with his parents and grandparents. I saw huge compassion and tears on Delivery Suite, including my own.

And yet this lovely family still took time in their distress to write to say thank you. [Double click on the card to enlarge it and read his Mom and Dad’s comments.]

Later I recieved an email from his grandma. She writes:

Hi David, just wanted to write to thank you and the midwives for all the help and support you gave us when my daughter’s baby died the day before he was due to be born. This was truly an awful time for us all, the shock and pain was unbelievable but the staff were so caring and kind, nothing was too much trouble, they were there for us all the time, both emotionally and physically. They gave us hugs and kisses and cried with us as well as the practical care and attention they gave us. My special thanks go to Kath, Alison, Debbie and Georgie. I know my daughter saw others but these were the ones I saw. Alison was an angel sent from above and truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Debbie attended the blessing and was visibly emotional. Ms Duckett, the consultant, was not only professional but compassionate, caring and supportive – we felt safe in her care.

My thanks go out to you too, you were a huge support at a truly terrible time. We felt that you felt our pain and were shocked too. His (name supplied) blessing was a comfort, and I know we all found it very comforting that you led the funeral, it was nice to feel you’d gone through it with us and were there for our final goodbye.

The work you all do is truly amazing. I asked one of the midwives if they ever get immune to situations like ours and she said “never, it’s devastating every time”. This compassion and dedication came across throughout it all. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but thank you to you and all the others. I know you will be there for us ongoing too, which we all appreciate.

(Name supplied)

She has asked that it be sent to the Chief Exec and Chairmam, which I am happy to do.

Such an awful time. Such a devastation.
No words, but I am truly grateful to have met this beautiful boy and grateful for such kind words in times of heartache.