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Thank You For Taking My Baby’s Funeral

At times I do a quiet piece of work; under the radar. In fact I am off to a tragic event this morning.

I am the one they often call when a baby dies; whether that be an early pregnancy loss or a stillborn baby.
After 4 years chaplaincy, and about 200 funerals, every time is still as tragic and emotional as the first time (and when it gets routine I will pack the job in!)

Often I meet the lovely couple in the hospital. Raw and shocked with their baby with them, they ask for a blessing.

And then we may meet at the funeral. So moving and tragic to see the little white coffin andnd the relatives grief. One of the most emotionally charged events I ever do.

And yet, in thier tragedy and grief, people still say thank you. This is a remarkable testimony to the human spirit.

“David, thank you so much for your care and support over the last few weeks.
The service for (N) was beautiful and every thing we could have wished for. With many thanks, (N&N)”

“Dear David, thank you for the wonderful blessing you gave our son (N) when he tragically passed away in hospital on (date given). It helped a lot talking to you and thans for all of your help with making decisions and planning his funeral. Yours faithfully, love (N&N)”

“Dave, we really do appreciate everything you have done. It has been a very hard time for us both and you have helped us a lot. We are sorry to have met you under these circumstances but hopefully will meet again in the future for something more positive! Thanks again. Hope to see you soon, (N&N).”

I share these, not to big myself up; anyone in my situation would do the same for these families. Rather I write so that, as a Trust, we can appreciate again, the emotional and spiritual needs of the range of patients whom we meet, so often, touched with tragedy and sadness.A privilege to walk with them a few steps of their journey; an inspiration to see them reatain hope when it has been dashed.