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Don't kick the NHS to death

Don’t kick the NHS to death

Is it just me or does the NHS still keep coming in for a kicking.
No wonder there are so many folkloric tales of not knowing what we have got until it’s gone.
Are we in danger of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs- or at least beating it to death?

Lots of the posts that people send me say how their lives have been changed because of the treatment they have had.
So think of our country with the NHS for a moment.
Where do you go when something goes wrong?
What do you do when some part of your body or another fails?
How do we function in an emergency?

Of course, that is not to say that there is no critique necessary for organisations – including the NHS. But its always about balance.
And the truth is that to the individuals who are treated, whose lives are made better – or even saved – the Health Service is important.

A short email from Mr. Sherwood puts this in perspective as he writes:

“Dear Dr Southall,

I had to attend Worcester A & E on Friday evening, at about midnight and wanted to offer my thanks to all the staff you have at this site. I have not had a great deal of experience with hospitals thankfully and the treatment I received right from the paramedic turning up at my friends house through to the doctors, nurses and ambulance personnel at A & E was first rate.

It was a scary escapade and at all times I was well looked after and kept in the loop on my progress. I would appreciate if you could pass my thanks on to them and also to pass this on to Harry Turner, who I understand is your chairman at the moment.

Kind regards

Richard Sherwood”

A first rate service in a scary situation. I don’t think you can ask for more that that.

So to all involved, I echo Mr. Sherwood’s words: THANK YOU.

A Panoply of Praise: Random Posts to the Trust


1.A complete or impressive collection of things
2.A splendid display.

Just in case you didn’t know- a panoply is an impressive collection. So I wanted to give a hat-tip to the Trust. They too keep a collection of ‘thank you’ messages which appear on our Trust Intranet site. So in case you haven’t seen them, or can’t access them, herre is a selection. It speaks volumes, in these busy days, that people take time to write in and say Thank You. After all, we are just doing our job! Easy to forget what a huge difference it makes to the individuals quality of life. So enjoy…

Neonatal Unit – Alex

I am writing this email to express my happiness, gratitude and best wishes for your honest, great moral human being and highly professional all staff in Neonatal unit of Alexandra Hospital, Redditch. My twins and our family were treated with great respect. To be honest when our babies born preterm and on the top they moved from Heartlands Hospital Birmingham to Alexandra Hospital, our family was very nervous with all situation. But Neonatal unit friendly doctors and nursing staff support us days and nights. I would like to say thank you and best wishes to Dr. Ahmed, Sharon Ali, Louis Blackburn, Liz Clemson and all hard working staff of Neonatal unit who stand with us and support our babies during this difficult time.

Maternity – Alex

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the maternity department. I had my second little boy at the Alex on April 26 2013. It all came as a bit of a shock as I ended up having to be induced a week early but everything was absolutely fine. All of the staff from the maternity day assessment unit, antenatal and postnatal wards and the delivery suite were very supportive. I would also like to say thank you to all of the community midwives.I had my first son in March 2011 and also received excellent care then. Maternity services are often in the news for negative reasons and working in the NHS myself I know people are often quick to complain but rarely express their gratitude. Therefore I’d like you to pass on my thanks to the unit for helping me to have two healthy boys.

Thank you A&E WRH

Sincere thanks to you for the “outstanding and excellent care” that you gave to my wife. She was looked after “above and beyond your remit”.

Andy, pharmacy technician and all the pharmacists

As I am hoping to go home today, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all the care and expertise you have used to support my recovery! You are all kind and helpful & that means such a lot to us patients! Thank you again – with best wishes

Alex A&E, MAU and Ward 6

My elderly mother in law, was admitted to hospital by ambulance on 23 April 2013.
I am writing to praise the many staff who looked after her whilst in the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. She was in the Hospital for a period of two and a half weeks.
The ambulance crew (HCRT Crew Worcester) who attended were Jason Hartshurne, Paul Ross and Wayne Davis.
I do not know the names of all the internal staff who cared for her and it would be unfair to single out those I do recall.During her stay she was admitted to A&E then transferred to MAU Male ward into a side room, moved into the MAU Female ward and then to ward 6 under the joint care of Dr Mildner and her team and Mr. Aldulhami and his team. We are very grateful for the attention and care given by the doctors and the nursing staff. We would also like to thank the kitchen staff and cleaners.

Alex maternity team

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the maternity department. I had my second little boy at the Alex on April 26th 2013. It all came as a bit of a shock as I ended up having to be induced a week early but everything was absolutely fine. All of the staff from the maternity day assessment unit, antenatal and postnatal wards and the delivery suite were very supportive. I would also like to say thank you to all of the community midwives.
I had my first son in March 2011 and also received excellent care then. Maternity services are often in the news for negative reasons and working in the NHS myself I know people are often quick to complain but rarely express their gratitude. Therefore I’d like you to pass on my thanks to the unit for helping me to have two healthy boys.

Severn Unit – WRH
The treatment was without doubt, World Class.

Ophthalmology – Kidderminster

Somewhat tardy acknowledgement for the kind and exemplary care shown to my husband by Dr Ianopol at Kidderminster Eye Department when he needed emergency care for a detached retina. Dr Ianopol and her colleague on duty Wednesday 30th January had an extremely busy clinic but both doctors were extremely kind to my husband and myself in what was for us a very difficult and frightening situation. My husband needed to be referred on to Birmingham and West Midlands Eye Hospital and we were given all of the information and support that we needed by the Kidderminster team. Apologies for the delay in registering our appreciation but it is none the less heartfelt.

A&E and AMU – WRH

My partner was admitted to A&E from Malvern hospital on April 12th. Every single member of staff we met there was friendly, professional and caring. He was transferred to AMU for a few hours, where Dr Claire Hooper ensured that he could have a CT scan the next day before allowing him to return home, for which we were very grateful. We would especially like to mention the outstanding care shown by Dr. Alexandr Cherepanov, who ensured that we understood the issues before Dr Hooper was able to see Tony, explained the CT result the next day and ensured that the images were transmitted to our local hospital in Suffolk before we left Worcester. We received 1st class service and support from your hospital and we wish to say “Thank you”.

Ward 1 – Kidderminster

I imagine many people take to their computer (or pen and paper!) when they’ve had a bad experience, but not many do so when they’ve had a great one. I just want to thank the nurses and all other staff at Kidderminster who have treated me with immense dignity, respect and care through my various operations with you! At the age of 23, I was suddenly having to have several operations in quick succession – and as I’d never even set foot in a hospital since a baby, I was completely terrified! I was put completely at rest by the wonderful staff, who knew exactly when to sit and chat with me and exactly when to leave me to sleep. The nurses in particular were a joy, and the whole atmosphere felt calm but upbeat which helped me feel positive too. The facilities were also absolutely fantastic – immaculately clean, modern and comfortable. I am due another operation in the summer, and I can only hope I am lucky enough to have it at Kidderminster! Many thanks to everyone, the place and people are a credit to the Trust.

Ophthalmology – WRH

Excellent and caring staff. My husband has attended this department on several occasions. He had both eyes operated on for cataracts. He also attends regularly for his reinal disease. Very happy with the service. The nurses are really friendly, informative and helpfuul. Well done and thank you.

X-Ray, Trauma Clinic, MRI – WRH

I wanted to commend the WRH departments for the excellent expedient emergency service my 16 year old son received over the Easter weekend His knee collapsed in cricket nets on Easter Sunday morning. He was seen within 10 minutes of registering at A&E then X-rayed 10 minutes later and his results looked at by the trauma doctor on call We were out on crutches with a knee brace in less than 30 mins with an appointment for the trauma clinic next day We were seen at 10 am in the trauma clinic on Easter Monday by Mr Docker and had an emergency MRI scan which they slotted in to their planned schedule within 30 minutes if that appointment. We returned next day for the radiologists report where a knee dislocation was diagnosed and 10 minutes later his knee was immobilized in plaster with a return appointment in 3 weeks I could not expect a more efficient and smooth emergency trauma service response. On all occasions the staff were polite, helpful, sympathetic, reassuring and keen to provide an excellent service They were exemplary I work in the health service and I was proud of the service that we received over those 3 stressful days which was quite the opposite of all my expectations and assumptions about the kind of service I thought we would receive over a busy Easter bank holiday Excellent excellent excellent! Please commend all the staff in all of these departments It made me proud to be a member of the NHS!

A&E at the Alex

Husband rushed me to A&E about 4.30am this morning with breathing difficulties. I am asthmatic and have a very bad cold which had caused chest problems. I was assessed immeditately and within 10 min taken to cubicals. Thank you all on A&E excellent and efficient care provided. Please pass my thanks to staff on duty at time of my visit ,kindness and care much appreciated.

Minor Injuries Unit at Kidderminster

We visited the minor injuries unit on a Sunday morning after my son injured his toe.
We were seen very quickly and were impressed that he was able to have an x-ray immediately, followed by diagnosis of broken toe, bandaging and advice all within 3/4 hour.

Ward 10

I was in ward 10 three weeks ago, where I had a total hip replacement. I would like to compliment the whole team for their kind care during my stay. From my out patient appointment, pre operative assessment to admission, operation, and post operative care, I was treated with respect, consideration and kindness. The nursing staff were attentive,caring, and kind. The whole experience was one of efficient and total care. Well done, as a retired specialist nurse in palliative care, I feel I have a good compass with which to measure my time in your hospital.

And there are many more. So our thanks go to all those who have taken the time to write in. and to all those who have provided outstanding care to patients and relatives.

A&E Worcester: Thank you for your kindness in my worst nightmare

Dear David,

It’s hard to write this but I feel I must.
Two weeks ago my wife (name omitted) collapsed at home and was rushed into A&E at Worcester. It was totally out of the blue as she was always so fit and well. I am disabled myself but followed along with my two daughters.
You can’t imagine the nightmare of that time. I was beside myself and in shock as the staff tried all they could to help her.
After three hours of waiting the news was broken to me that (Name omitted) had died.
That is where I first met you and you said some prayers and spent time with us.

Now the funeral is over, but I had to write in to thank the staff, and particularly the young staff nurse and yourself, for your care and compassion. This has been one of the worst times of my life and still is, but I couldn’t have asked for kinder or more caring treatment. I really felt as if (name) mattered to you all.
Spare me a thought as I try and carry on with this huge hole left in my life. But thank you for all you did.(Name provided but omitted)

A&E Worcester: First class treatment laden with kindness, understanding and reassurance despite the pressures

Clive sent this via email. A thoughtfully written piece which is a reflection of great practice.
Thanks for writing in Clive.


You asked for good news stories about the NHS. As I said I would sent you one regarding my treatment at A and E at Worcester Royal and not forgetting the ambulance service who initially attended me.

The story goes thus. Recently on the 30th March at about two o’clock in the morning I woke up in a terrible sweat after going to bed shivering the previous evening . I decided to get up to try to cool off and take a walk to the little boys room. when in there I collapsed in a heap on the floor. My wife tells me I got up and fell over again which I have no recollection of. She called the new 111 service who sent an emergency ambulance crew to the house who were there in minutes. Full marks to the new NHS 111 service which worked.

The ambulance crew systematically diagnosed low blood pressure as a potential cause having discounted low blood sugar and blood oxygen levels. You do feel a fool in these situations and a fraud but the ambulance crew were attentive, thoughtful kind and gentle with me and regularly reassuring the wife. I was asked by them to go to A and E at Worcester Royal for further checks to be done. Fearful of spending a night in a queue on a trolley waiting to be seen I reluctantly agreed. Full marks and thanks to the ambulance crew

Well I was surprised when I was wheeled in and told I was second in the queue. Within minutes I was wheeled into a cubicle and made very comfortable. In a short while a very nice nurse came and explained she would be looking after me and explained how to call them in an emergency. A sample of blood was taken and she popped back once or twice but I fell back into sleep and was not disturbed. Latter a doctor appeared who had a lovely approach being gentle and caring which is so reassuring when we may be feeling unsure ourselves. His check over me was thorough giving you confidence that he knew what he was doing. His communication was clear and simple again easing worries that I may have had.

My wife tells me she rung the accident and emergency desk a couple of times and was treated like a Queen with updates and advice of when to ring again reassuring her if she any concerns just to ring them.

I was still there at shift changeover and when the new shift staff came on they introduced themselves to me who would be dealing with me.

Breakfast then wonderfully appeared and if I had asked for steak and chips I feel they would have attempted to get it for me. Cheekily I asked please could I have another cup of tea please and it was there in seconds. You do not get service like that at top restaurants and all done with a wonderful smile and politeness which brightened up my morning .

Before I would be let out a chest X ray had to be done everyone was positive communicative and cheery resulting in you not feeling alone and isolated in an unfeeling and insular world.

With nothing more that could be done for me I was discharged. I asked please could I use the phone to ring the wife to come and pick me up. They helpfully pointed me to a discrete corner of the nursing station and indicated the best phone to use and how.

What can I say to sum up the care I received that night and morning. It was first class laden with kindness, understanding and reassurances even though there were obvious pressures on the staff there dealing with very difficult cases I suspect. I could ask and want for no better.

After all the negativity we read and hear about my treatment that night/morning by all the staff involved should be held up as a shining example of what is done I feel naturally and not put on and is very often unnoticed and unrewarded I suspect.

Only bad news sells newspapers and makes good news these days.

I do hope my experience and this little e mail conveys to those who may read it a reassurance they are in good hands by staff who have hearts and care for those who find themselves in need of their skills and expertise.

Kind regards


“Nothing But Praise” for Accident and Emergency at Worcestershire Royal

Anita Fulton writes:

“I have nothing but praise for the staff at A&E Worcester when my brother had a fall from a ladder and badly injured his ankle, requiring major surgery and a 2 week stay in the TAU. The staff in A&E were caring and compasionate and he was seen, x-rayed and scheduled for theatre very quickly. I work at WRH but not in a clinical role and I have always thought the staff were dedicated to their craft but to see it first hand as I did on that day made me realise what special people they are and we should all be very grateful that in our hour of need they are there to pick up the pieces. To watch professionals at work is very humbling and I for one wish to pass on my very grateful thanks to all the teams involved in his care for being there to patch him up.”

This is all the more welcome given the huge pressures that A&E have faced in the past few weeks. Fantastic news. Do keep your stories coming in- with via the addresses on CONTACT ME or by commenting on the blog.