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Everyone, without exception, has been so caring

Cakes always prompt good news!

Cakes always prompt good news!

I recently ran a Blog Stand in the main entrance of Worcester hospital, with so much help from lovely staff, and met some wonderful people. Here is onl email which came, as a result of our event, from Michelle.

“I promised I would drop you a line after sampling one of your delicious cakes the other day on one of my many hospital visits.

I’m presently undergoing treatment for my second bout of breast cancer which involves many visits to the hospital. I must say that without exception, everyone that I have come into contact with has been absolutely amazing. It’s not the easiest news to deliver to someone but I have felt involved, informed and able to make choices about my treatment with the advice, guidance and expertise of the staff at the hospital.

Miss Bright Thomas has been an amazing consultant and breast care nurses, Helen, Linda, Liz and Tracey have always been there at the end of the phone or to arrange for me to visit when uncertainty arose. Reception staff at sorrel, Terri and Lesley are also amazing people-persons and I love to have a catch up when I am there. It’s quite a social – and certainly stops me looking at my visits as anything negative, quite the contrary!

It’s a shame that I can’t name everyone, but I would like to say that without exception, absolutely everyone has been chatty, friendly and helpful to me on my journey through Xray, phlebotomy, anaesthesia and surgery and more recently on the Rowan Suite in the chemo unit. Not forgetting the porters, cleaners, caterers and volunteers all of whom contribute to the wellbeing, hygiene and safety of us, the patients.

I think Worcester has an amazing hospital, full of wonderful caring people who choose to go into this line of work because they really do care about other people. My experience has been (and continues to be) extremely positive and I would like to say a huge thank you through you to all of these wonderful people. May they be blessed to continue to do what each and every one of them does best.

Kindest regards
Michelle Baird

“A 65th Birthday I thought I would never see!” Thanking the angels.

"I thought I would not be celebrating my 65th Birthday"

“I thought I would not be celebrating my 65th Birthday”

It is easy to forget that the work that is done in the Trust makes a difference to peoples lives. On average, people live 12 years more now that before the birth of the NHS in 1948. Not all down to the NSH but a significant part of it is surely. And the work done here really can be a matter of life and death. I am so grateful for the following email. It says it all.

Hi all my name is Norma ,
and in June 2011 i was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital for tests regarding a bowel problem I had. I was seen by consultants and had scans and blood tests and when the tests came back it was reported that there was a blockage in my bowel. I was admitted for surgery and after having an operation to remove the blockage it was tested and found to be cancerous. I then underwent a course of chemo at the Rowan Suite at Worcester Royal and after all my excellent treatment I am now in remission and back at work and feeling my old self once again. I just cannot thank all the consultants,and nursing staff enough for the excellent treatment that I received while in the the care of Worcester Royal Hospital. They really are true Angels…

I have recently celebrated my 65th Birthday,a birthday that I thought I would not celebrate, but with all the care and attention from everyone around me I can now go forward and carry on living life to the full..
best wishes to all at Worcester Royal Hospital.
Mrs Norma Gale.