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TRUE CARE & NURSING on Ward 1 at Kidderminster: The NHS at its best!

Zoe's experience was first class

Zoe’s experience was first class

Imagine yourself in a hospital bed after surgery. What do you want?
Well, I of course want people who know what they are doing and can fix me.
But I want more.
I want people for whom my surgery is not routine. Who understand my fears and worries and pain. Who go the extra mile to make me feel valued and undertood.
Ah, you dreamer you- but it can happen – and does happen throughout our Trust.
Look at this email from Zoe.
That’s exactly what I want too.

“28th August to 2nd September I stayed in Ward 1 at Kidderminster Hospital after surgery.

I can only say that every member of staff who I came into contact with was kind caring and professional the whole time.

They held my hand when I was crying , fed me when I couldnt feed myself and helped me in every way I needed.

I cannot thank them enough for their compassion at a time when I needed it most.

Zoe D’Oriano”

Do you wear glasses and have a history in teaching? This might be you!


Emma Thouard writes about a mystery woman who brought comfort

Emma Thouard speaks of her good treatment at Kidderminster

Emma emailed me to pass on her thanks to the team at Kidderminster Hospital.
So if you know the mystery person, pass this onto her. It might make her day.
And bear in mind, that even if people don’t know your name, kindness goes a long way.

“Good afternoon!
I just wanted to write to you and praise a member of your team at Kidderminster Hospital.
I was recently in having an operation on my knee and had an awful experience whilst I was there. Your team member saw me and came and sat with me for quite some time. She talked to me and took my mind off things. She was really comforting and was the best part of my hospital experience.
I can’t remember her name, but that she wore glasses and has a history in teaching.
If you know who this lady is please pass on my thanks, she was really there when I needed her and I’ve never been so grateful to see someone.

Kind regards,
Emma Thouard”