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Harry Turner: Unstinting Champion and Chairman at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust


Here is my Chaplain’s blog Article for the Worcester News on 7th March 2016

In a scrapbook filled with photos I was invited to write my piece on the occasion of the Hospital Chairman Harry Turner stepping down from his role after 6 years. Harry has left a legacy of putting patients at the centre of all we do, and of investing in the staff. He spent way more time in this place than his contracted hours; cared passionately for the Hospitals of Worcestershire; was vilified and suffered personal insults from so-called pressure groups who should be ashamed of themselves (Yes you know who you are!); and did it all with dignity and professionalism. It’s wrong that he has gone, but then small minded politicians and NHS mandarins will have their way. So what to write in that scrapbook – well, here goes:

What japes we’ve had. Who can forget you, somewhat disturbingly, shaving off my moustache at the end of Movember, or the Paddle, Plod, Pedal where you were there to “ jeer” us on early in the morning. Or, of course, the Rainbow Run when I beat you convincingly.
There are other things too. Your unstinting championing of the Chaplain’s Blog and the Voices 4 Health and COPD Choirs. You really get it that your staff matter and investing in them pays dividends. And for us to be invited to sing for HRH The Princess Royal will take some beating.
In all the time that our paths have merged I have never known you not attend one of my “madcap” schemes, even when it meant shifting your diary commitments, in order to engage with staff and make the Chairman visible…and I still chuckle at having the chance to soak you in the Ice Bucket Challenge. What other Trust Chair would have done that?
You know that I am sad that you are going but the machinations of the NHS have always been a mystery to me. All I know is that the impact you have had on the Acute Trust is immeasurable; and, as importantly, I have valued your friendship.
With many happy future days to you and yours,