Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Letter in My Baby’s Coffin



This week I met a courageous woman who has now lost three babies. I have taken the previous two funeral and will be taking the third soon. She has written a letter to her daughter Darcie which will be placed with her in the coffin along with a teddy bear.  She has given me permission (along with the babies’ names) to share the letter with you to give us some insight into what it is like for her. I hope you find it beautiful, touching and it causes you to utter a few prayers for her.

“Hey Baby Girl. I’m so sorry Darcie! It’s all my fault again. I hope your brother and sister met you at the gates and you have all settled down up there with Nanny and Granddad. I want to say I love you all so much. It hurts me so much to know you are so far away from me. I will be with you, Thea and Willow as soon as I can. I was hoping and praying so much that I would have you here with me – I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I wish I did. I just think you were all too special to be here. I know I would have been a great Mommy to you all. I did get to hold you in my arms for a few hours and it was the best feeling ever. I couldn’t believe how perfect you were and you looked so much like your Daddy. Please all look after each other up there till I get there. I promise you all I will do my best to get you a headstone and clean the grave up. There’s not much I can say my baby girl. I think I’m hurting too much. I love you Darcie, Thea and Willow with all my heart. I will see you soon my angels. Love your Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxx.”

And now with tears in my eyes, I will stop writing and say a prayer for this brave woman and her beautiful babies.