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Thanks from an Insufferably Proud Grandad (that ME!)

emilia grace999

“Which service?”

Ambulance please,” I said with panic rising in my voice.

My daughter Suzy’s waters had broken at 4am that morning and by one O’clock she was having contractions really close together. We had tried to get her in the car, but by that time she couldn’t down the stairs.

The operator stayed on the phone and the crew arrived within 10 minutes. Their control, calmness, professionalism and care was exemplary – and with loads of reassuring words and some gas and air Suzy floated down the stairs and straight to the Meadow Birth Centre.

We were met at the door by Lucy, who calmly took control and showed Suzy to the Violet Room. It is a pretty room, beautifully decorated, with a huge birthing pool in the centre. Alison, Suzy’s Mom and also the baby’s Dad, were the birth partners and stayed with her. And in just two hours beautiful Emilia Grace was born.

My other children and I went up to welcome her to the world at about 4pm and she was already looking at the new world, and her mom, contentedly with beautiful big blue eyes.

My midwife friend Alison took over care and from about 9:00pm, I was alone with Suzy and Emilia as we were being prepared for discharge home. Alison was calm, professional, caring, interested and happy for us as well; and she made sure she took some photos of us putting Emilia’s leaf on the Birth Centre Tree to mark her birth.

Mom and Baby are doing well at home but I can’t stop thinking about that day. Usually my stories are second-hand; but for this once I was not the Chaplain, just David, a proud Dad and Granddad, watching in awe at the superb treatment we were getting from people who know their stuff.

So from a normal Worcester family, we want to give our heartfelt thanks to the Ambulance crew and Meadow Birth Centre staff for the best treatment we could have possibly asked for. Amazing is too small a compliment. We will always be in your debt!