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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life at the Meadow Birth Centre Worcester Royal

The Tree of Life at the Meadow Birth Centre Worcester Royal

As I walk the dogs in Nunnery Wood, I can’t help but notice that I am now trudging through a mass of leaves on the ground; and looking up, through what a couple of months ago was verdant green tree canopy, I can see branches, and even the grey sky.

So you might be interested to know that there is a certain tree that is bucking the trend; and it is rooted in Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Week after week, even at this time of year, it grows leaves; all unique and super-special. It really is a tree of life.

Now if you wanted to find this tree you would have to come into the hospital, and head towards the Meadow Birth Centre. You won’t see any leaves on the ground but you will see a state of the art purpose built midwifery led unit that is like a 4 star hotel: soft lighting; huge birthing pools in the rooms for water births; and staff who are caring.

And at one end of the unit, painted on the wall is a huge white tree against. When I first saw it was just bare branches; white on a blue wall. But since the opening of the unit, leaves have been added. First one or two; then tens; now 100’s and more leaves every week. And each leaf has written upon it the name of the baby who was born in the Centre; name upon name.

And on days that I feel I have seen too much sadness and grief and pain; I head to the unit; say hello to the staff; and look at the tree.

This tree is literally life giving. And it gives me hope knowing that new lives are coming into the world in an atmosphere of love and care.

Not everyone has the privilege of seeing this tree; after all it’s not a visitor attraction! But the next time you look at the falling leaves and bare branches around you, then think of the Tree of Life, and treat yourself to a smile.