It’s easy to forget that small things can make a huge difference.

I recently received a letter about a call out to the Hospital. I remember it well, and my recollection is that I did such a small thing that it is hardly worth mentioning.

But you just never know!

“Dear David,
On the evening of Easter Sunday you attended my father who had only just passes away and on behalf of the family I wanted to thank you for the kindness, sensitivity and compassion you showed us all.
Earlier in the day we had been made aware that the end may well come that night, but it was nonetheless quite a shock when it happened. Our initial reaction was one of relief, in that we knew that his suffering was finally at an end after many years of gradually decling health, and that he had indeed gone to a far better place.
Your presence and such kind and appropriate words were of particular comfort to Mum, and we were so glad that you were there to help Dad’s spirit on his final journey.
May God bless you Reverend, for being there for us and all the other people you help.
With our appreciation and thanks. Kindest regards [Name and Address supplied]”

I feel deeply privileged to have been a tiny part of this family’s story, and humbled that they should place such a high value on compassion. I cannot think of a higher compliment than being described as compassionate and kind; nor of a greater calling that to help someone’s spirit on their final journey.

And so I hope that you might be in a position to do a small thing to makes a huge and lasting difference

And so I hope that each of us working in Healthcare might get a letter like this someday.

And , most importantly, I hope that that this family might know peace and comfort in the coming days


  1. David, working as a volunteer at Worcester Hospital I had something similar happen to me today. Someone came to me for advice and we were chatting away trying to work out the best way for her to go. Without realizing I said something to her and straight away she said ‘thank you you have just given me my answer to what I must do’. It was something so simple but she went away in a much happier frame of mind and I felt so good which makes my volunteering so worthwhile.

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