Honorary Good News Champion Robin Walker MP speaks about the annual Staff Achievement Awards

Honorary Good News Champion Robin Walker MP speaks about the annual Staff Achievement Awards

It’s an honour to hand the Chaplain’s Blog over to my first Guest Blogger: Robin Walker MP for Worcester. Robin speaks about his attendance at the Staff Achievement awards and casts an eye over the work of the Acute Trust. As a friend of the hospital and an honorary Good News Champion his comments mean a lot, and I was particularly proud to have him present my award.

“Coming to the Worcestershire Royal for the Acute Trust’s staff achievement awards last week I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. One of the very enjoyable things about being a constituency MP is that you do get invited to a number of special occasions and award ceremonies of all shapes and sizes sometimes even getting to present awards. All of them are special but last week’s was particularly wonderful and a powerful reminder of the amazing dedication and teamwork of so many passionate, hard working people in the NHS.

With awards for all levels and different roles at the hospital it was a whistle stop tour of the many different skills and careers that fit within the acute trust. Like many members of the public I was familiar with some but others needed explanation. Hearing the brief introductions of why people were excited to be nominated and the nominees explaining why they were putting them forward the one thing that kept on coming up again and again was the pride in teamwork and the huge respect and appreciation of one colleague for another. The passion for looking after patients was clear throughout and it was great to see a patient’s choice award being presented too.

There were too many deserving winners to list them all but I was particularly impressed with Frank the volunteer in his nineties who is still delivering the morning papers at the hospital. After a tough week for the A&E department it seemed somehow appropriate that the CEO’s award should go to junior charge nurse Marc Tarrant from the unit. At the end of the evening I was proud to be called to present the Chairman’s award. With so many incredible people nominated it must have been a hard decision for the judges but I was delighted when it turned out to be destined for a familiar face.

Reverend David Southall, who amidst all his other duties as a busy hospital chaplain somehow finds time to put together the good news blog does a wonderful job of reminding us all how much good news there is every hour of every day in the hospital and celebrating the achievements of all his colleagues. It was somehow appropriate that having toured the hospital at his invitation not so long ago, it should be to him that I presented the award. The whole night was a celebration of everyone who works at the hospital and, like this blog, it was a reminder that amidst all the challenges, the miracle that is our NHS is all about people.”



  1. it’s fnatastic to hear an external perspective on our awards night and in particular the mention of staff nominating other staff and demonstrating such respect for their colleagues. I am always in awe of NHS staff and what they do everyday and we should always remember that our PRIDE values help us live up to our reputation as fantastic healthcare provider!

  2. I followed the awards on twitter – great tweets!! I feel very proud to be part of such an amazing Trust, with so many dedicated, loving and compassionate people! My own familly have over the years received superb care and support across all three of our hospitals. Thank you!

  3. It is so easy to buckle below the load of all that has NOTbeen done that we are unable to stand up and see all that HAS been done.

  4. I was honoured to help on the evening and it was indeed a very special occasion. Credit to all of the nominees and the departments that they work in who came across so passionately, and also to the CHEC catering and Training and Development team who managed to somehow pull a conference centre feel out the bag at a tiny cost. The tranformation of the dining room was amazing and I was proud to be working in an organisation with such dedicated staff. Well done David on your award 🙂

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