Shining star awards

I was privileged to attend the Annual Staff Achievement Awards at Worcestershire Acute Trust the other Friday. More than that I was honoured to receive an award from the Chairman for the Chaplain’s Blog presented by Robin Walker MP.

But what thrilled me the most was being in the presence of colleagues who gained awards for remarkable professionalism.

Each award was trailed by a video clip of the nominees saying what it would mean to them to win and how important it was.

Like Frank, the 94 year old Volunteer who three days a week takes the paper and sweet trolley around the wards. He comes in at 8:30am as regular as clockwork, and makes a huge difference. “I’d be gobsmacked if I won!” he said. And win he did, with the biggest cheer of the night. I bumped into him with his trolley the day afterwards, and when I congratulated him he said, “Well I just enjoy doing it and used to do it 5 days a week but have had to slow down.” Slow down!!! At 94 Frank could run most of us into the ground.

Or Marsha Jones, Sister on Ward 11 at the Alexandra Hospital, who said: “I may not be the best mom, or the best wife, but I am the best nurse!” How fantastic to care about nursing so much that it becomes part of your identity. Striving every day to do the best for patients.

Or my friend, Julie Poultney, Antenatal Screening Co-ordinator, who collected her award for Midwife of the Year with tears streaming down her face. Those people who have been told devastating news about their unborn baby are in safe hand with Julie.

So much more could be said. Of the Trust Board and senior management who help staff aspire; of the sponsors who funded the event; of those who were nominated, of those who day in day out, without any recognition, do outstanding work.

And so I can assure you, that staff at your hospitals really do care passionately about their work, and about the care they give. And you are in safe hand when you come into Worcestershire’s Hospitals.

AND SO THE AWARD GOES TO… well you tell me. Comment on my blog; give praise where it is due; let me know about your good news stories from our hospitals; and recognise the compassion and care of our health care professionals.

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