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Another Fan of the Bed Co-ordinator Kerry

Bed co-ordinator Fan writes in

Bed co-ordinator Fan writes in

My last post was in praise of Bed Co-ordinator Kerri Minnis.


Dr. Forde took the time to add his views and writes:

“Although I sadly no longer work for the trust, I’m overjoyed to learn that
Kerri, both a friend and respected colleague is getting some recognition of the
work she does. On a daily basis Kerri goes above and beyond her job description
with an enviably sense of practicality .

She has a bright effervescent personality coupled with an incredible work ethic.
She is a true asset to the trust and her superiors should be aware of this.

Dr Donall Forde
Infectious Disease Registrar”

Nice to know you are doing a good job isn’t it? I wonder which of your colleagues you want to thank? Comment, email, write, or phone.