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The Poets’ Praise…for Lavendar Gynae

A Poem written for Lavendar Gynae

A Poem written for Lavendar Gynae (click to enlarge)

Who can forget the Great Poets and their use of metaphor to describe things that literal speech can only sum up in an inflexible way.

So the beauty of R. S. Thomas’s poem, my favourite poem at this time of the year, speaking of the beauty of Autumn, and the melancholy felt at the onset of Winter:

It will not always be like this,
The air windless, a few last
Leaves adding their decoration
To the trees’ shoulders, braiding the cuffs
Of the boughs with gold; a bird preening

In the lawn’s mirror. Having looked up
From the day’s chores, pause a minute,
Let the mind take its photograph
Of the bright scene, something to wear
Against the heart in the long cold.

Or Wordsworth’s Daffodils and Shakespeare’s loved, compared to and excelling the “summer’s day” . Or the comic cautionary tails of Hilaire Belloc, telling us that “The chief defect of Henry King was chewing little bits of string” with tragic results. http://www.poetry-archive.com/b/henry_king.html

No less a creative work of poetry has been written for the staff of Lavendar Gynae, by a patient and his wife, on their superb treatment. In beautfully written hand (click on the image to enlarge) they write:

We raise a glass
To the Medics with class.
A Brillian Team
The creme de la cream
We bow to the cleverness of you-
Who help us all and see us through.
So the glass we raise is full of praise,
And our “Thank You’s” are all appreciation,
For this outstanding Team that bless our Nation.
Hurrah for Worcester Royal,
Always on top and on the Boil.
We thank you…for being you.
—Fine sentiments from grateful patients to hold onto in the sometimes wintery conditions which prevail in the NHS,