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Dirty Toilet. Disastrous Hospital

Dirty Toilet. Disastrous Hospital

There’s a nice little aphorism that goes something like this.

Dirty toilets, bad cleaner.
Bad cleaner, incompetent supervisor.
Incompetent supervisor, ineffectual manager.
Ineffectual manager, inept Trust Board.
Inept Trust Board, bungling Chief Exec.
Bungling Chief Exec, disastrous Hospital

Everything matters. To paraphrase the famous saying: “It’s the whole experience, stupid!”

And it is. If someone is unpleasant to us in a shop, the whole shopping experience is blighted (see https://revdavidsouthall.com/2013/08/20/retail-lessons-from-agros-how-not-to-do-customer-service/). If a member of staff in our hospitals acts as if they don’t care or are disinterested, the whole reputation is tarnished.

So when someone approaches the reception desk, and is treated as important and with the respect they deserve, it speaks volumes. Linda Fenton from the County Audiology and Hearing Service passed this letter onto me in praise of her colleague June Scott. I hope it shows that it is whole patient experience that matters.

“Dear Mrs. Laird,
I was referred by my doctor to attend the audiology department for a hearing test on Thursday 25th July 2012. The receptionist on duty that day was Mrs. June Scott, who I later learned to be the admin and clerical officer. I found her most helpful and excellent in her duties, especially under the heavy work load and conditions she was working under on that particular day. I wish to convey my highest respect for this lady and may I through you, pass on my thanks and gratitude for her help and kindness on my visit to the audiology department. She is, in my opinion (along with the other patients in the waiting room, a credit and fine ambassador to the National Health Service at Kidderminster Hospital.
Yours Faithfully,
[Name and Address supplied]”

I can confidently say that the aphorism above does not apply to our Trust. Look at all the good news stories on the blog as evidence. But, it’s a good lesson to treat everyone as if they were your friends and family, in any walk of life.