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Strange things happen when spaghetti is involved!

Strange things happen when spaghetti is involved!

If you have never been to church you might not know about the experience called the children’s talk. It is part of the service where someone, usually a teacher, gets up and tries to engage the kids in some aspect of life.

At one service I was taking, the teacher got all the children out to the front, and in her bag she had some props. The aim was to say that if you dream about certain things they mean something. So dreaming about sheep means you are wondering about your future, etc. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

The children all obediently came out and took items from the bag. A cuddly sheep; a pig; a packet of spaghetti and the like. I have to be honest and say that the talk went on a bit. And the kids were standing there fiddling with their items.

One young lad had the spaghetti, and after about 10 seconds started waving it around. And then playing sword fighting with it- and hitting the sheep. Having had my own kids sit through children’s talks, given by me, nothing is a surprise. Now I won’t say it was an all-out spaghetti fight, but it was turning that way when the talk mercifully came to an end.

What had the kids learnt? That dreams can mean things, AND THAT A PACKET OF SPAGHETTI MAKES A DAMN GOOD WEAPON.

All this is by way of introducing some good news. I happened to be sitting next to the parents of the spaghetti boy, and we were highly amused by his antics. And it so happened that the mother has a different story to tell.
Lyn writes:

“Hi David

We met briefly at Sansome Walk Baptist Church a few weeks ago when you were
preaching…I sat behind you with my husband and son, Noah. Noah was the one
fighting with the pasta in the children’s talk!

Anyway, we had the unfortunate situation recently of my dad being at Worcester
Royal…a friend told me about your blog and I saw the info on the door when I was
in Costa’s at the hospital…so please you could include this…

‘ I would really like to praise and thank Worcester Royal for their fantastic
care after my dad, Neil, was rushed into hospital on 23rd July with chest pains,
he had had a heart attack. The care from the first response, paramedics, to the
sister and cardiologist on A and E, to staff on ITU, and his care on Coronary
Care was great. Staff were great and talked my mum and myself through the
process and what was happening. A special thanks to a nurse/ sister called Lally
on Coronary Care. We think that the care was quicker and better than what it
would have been if my Dad was at his home in rural Cambridgeshire. Thank you.’
Lyn Green

Thanks David.