ANOTHER FIRST FOR THE BLOG: EMMA: Just one more thing before au revoir!

Au Revoir! Really this time!

Au Revoir! Really this time!

I know I said the previous post was the last before my motorcycle trip to France but I could not resist this.

It is a first for the blog!

If you read regularly you will know that I get posts from:

Patients saying how wonderfully they have been treated on a unit
Patients naming individual staff who have shown special kindness to them
Relatives appreciative of great care
And sometimes staff letting me know what they do and why they do it

But this is a first.


Kathryn, who is a GOOD NEWS CHAMPION from Laurel 2, writes in praise of her Manager EMMA:

“I wondered if you could put a thank you on your Blog about our AMAZING ward manager. She has been here a few months now and has made AMAZING changes to both the ward and the way it is run.
We had a recent ward meeting and she congratulated us on our hard work but I don’t think she realises how appreciative we are of hers.
We are very proud to have her as our ward manager and just wanted to say thank you for everything she does.”

What? A staff nurse wanting to say thank you! A manager congratulating staff! Staff proud of senior members of the team! Where will it all end?Maybe there is a colleague who you want to give a shout out to. Someone who goes above and beyond. Or who has supported you. We can’t all be awarded a staff achievement award, but we can all be mentioned on the blog. Send them in. It calls for another page I think: Staff-to-Staff Praise.

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