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ANOTHER FIRST FOR THE BLOG: EMMA: Just one more thing before au revoir!

Au Revoir! Really this time!

Au Revoir! Really this time!

I know I said the previous post was the last before my motorcycle trip to France but I could not resist this.

It is a first for the blog!

If you read regularly you will know that I get posts from:

Patients saying how wonderfully they have been treated on a unit
Patients naming individual staff who have shown special kindness to them
Relatives appreciative of great care
And sometimes staff letting me know what they do and why they do it

But this is a first.


Kathryn, who is a GOOD NEWS CHAMPION from Laurel 2, writes in praise of her Manager EMMA:

“I wondered if you could put a thank you on your Blog about our AMAZING ward manager. She has been here a few months now and has made AMAZING changes to both the ward and the way it is run.
We had a recent ward meeting and she congratulated us on our hard work but I don’t think she realises how appreciative we are of hers.
We are very proud to have her as our ward manager and just wanted to say thank you for everything she does.”

What? A staff nurse wanting to say thank you! A manager congratulating staff! Staff proud of senior members of the team! Where will it all end?Maybe there is a colleague who you want to give a shout out to. Someone who goes above and beyond. Or who has supported you. We can’t all be awarded a staff achievement award, but we can all be mentioned on the blog. Send them in. It calls for another page I think: Staff-to-Staff Praise.

I have a dream…

Nothing wrong with dreaming!

Nothing wrong with dreaming!

OK…I know I am no MLK. Few of us are. But that doesn’t stop us dreaming.
So I have a dream too.

Dreams that Good News Blogs will proliferate in every Hospital Trust in the country.
Dreams that the weight of the good news will be such that it will put the negatives into perspective.
Dreams that staff will feel valued at the work that they do and proud of their hospitals and not bashed by the media.
Dreams that the community will hear all the good news of the NHS even though it is rarely front page news.
Dreams that individual patients will have access to Good news about their ward of admission and have their worries diminished.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one (oh hang on I’ve heard that before) but dreams can come true (there we go again!)

And none of this negates the need for continued improvements, the challenging of bad practice, the exceeding of standards and the need for transparency when things go wrong. I’m an optimist not an idiot!

But it does mean that an attentiveness to Good News can change things. It can make people step up to the mark. It can inspire confidence and excellence. Less stick, more carrot.

Well that’s me done for a week. Off to France on the motorcycle with my son. But the good news won’t stop of course. Keep an eye out for it. Post a comment. Drop me an email. Read my column in the Worcester news. Visit our Facebook page: /ChaplainsBlog.

So until next time- au revoir et bon chance!