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JUST AN EARRING….and passing the friends and family test at the Alex

Just an earring? Not quite!

Just an earring? Not quite!

The Good News Champions are up and running (see good news champions tab) nd coming to me with all sorts of Good News. Read the two stories below- one passed on by Elizabeth Williams about Sorrel Suite at Worcester Royal and one from Hannah Webb (Specialist Diabetes Nurse) from the Alex.

Liz told me of an elderly lady who lost came for an outpatiets appointment at Sorrel Suite. During the course of her time in the unit she lost one of her earrings. Just an earring you might think…but this was a special earring given to her by her husband on a special occasion in their lives. She mentioned this to the Receptionist. Far from treating it as unimportant, the Receptionist said that she would look and scoured all the places which this lady had visited. By now the lady had gone home, but the Receptionist enlisted the help of others. And what do you know? It was found. “Just hand it into lost property!” you say. “Haven’t got time for just an earring!” NO! The Receptionisit phoned the patient, told her the news, and it is fair to say that she was overjoyed.

Little things matter a lot. Helpfulness is a undervalued virtue. But one patient has seen the dedication of a member of staff to her situation!

Hannah Webb wrote to me about her experience too. Sometimes it only needs a few words to convey a lot!

“Hi David’
I put the Alexandra hospital to the ‘friends & family test ‘ last week, when my son came off his bike at high speed & fractured his collar bone. I would like to thank the staff in A&E , Xray, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Theatres & Ward 1 for their care, attention & professionalism.
Best wishes, Hannah”

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