Chaplain's Blog on Facebook. Please like

Chaplain’s Blog on Facebook. Please like

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=149267478609935&set=vb.148930958643587&type=2&theater

The blog has now had over 50,000 views. Thanks so much for reading, passing it onto your friends, and contributing to it. It makes my job easier, and I know for a fact that the stories have encouraged staff and the community alike.

To make the blog even more effective, I am building a team of GOOD NEWS CHAMPIONS.
Just an attentiveness to and recognition of the good news stories which happen in the Acute Trust.

So all you have to do is to be on the lookout for good news stories, and let me know. Or even write them up yourself for the Blog.

The list already includes
Sister Wendy Bull- Highfield
Sarah Allan- HR
Julie Stupart – Head of HR
Kay Tandy – Macmillan Pod Manager
David Ryan- New Chaplain for the Alex
Sue Meredith- Chaplaincy Volunteer

My hope is to create a page with names of photos of the Champions, and to create a culture of applauding good news.

Wouldn’t it be great if each ward and area in the Trust had its own Good News Champion! Well, I think it would! And it could be you…just another chance to share the great things going on and spread the circle wider. Don’t leave it to someone else…you have a chance to change things. And don’t be surprised if I come and pester you aboutt it.

The video link attached explains it all. (I know that many of the staff don’t have access to Facebook, or no sound on their PC’s [a debate for another day]) but you can view it at home.

Alternatively go to my Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/ChaplainsBlog. Don’t forget to like the page and view the video there.

Take care and keep spreading the Good News about Worcestershire Hospitals!

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