A view from the Bereavement Office…

No windows in Bereavement Office but they certainly have a view!

No windows in Bereavement Office but they certainly have a view!

… actually there is no view from the Bereavement Office as it has no windows! But there is a lovely viewpoint sent in by Rosemary Link, one of the Bereavement Officers

The Bereavement Office is a small room in the main entrance of Worcester Hospital which house the Bereavement Officers Jackie, Claire and Rosemary. And when someone dies in the Hospital, these are the people who steer the relatives through the sad, and often tramatic, process of registering their loved ones death.

They do a fantastic job with compassion and sensitivity to the relatives, but with perseverence and determination in tracking down the people who need to sign the medical forms.#

And, of course, they spend time listening to people who have been touched by loss.

All the more remarkable then that Rosemary Link, Bereavement Officer and Blog Follower has written this. It shows how thankful people in their distress are of the work done on the wards.


I would like to pass on to all those who enjoy reading your blog just how many uplifting comments we in the Bereavement office receive from bereaved families. At a time when they are at their saddest and coming to terms with the loss of their loved one, so many of the families go out of their way to comment on the wonderful, compassionate and caring treatment that they and their loved one have received from so many hospital staff. They often mention that when they come to look back at this time, it will be of comfort to them to remember that their experience, here at Worcestershire Royal Hospital was a positive one in terms of the overall care they and their loved one received at such a difficult time. I think that is so heartening to hear that even after a sad outcome families feel comforted by their experience here at WRH.


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