We Remember You in Our Prayers


Whether you are a praying person or not, it’s good to be remembered for nice things. In a recent letter to me David and Joyce Burton said this:

“To the Chaplaincy,
Good News Stories.

We are very grateful for the wonderful expertise and great kindness which we received from the Staff at Worcester, Malvern and Kidderminster Hospitals.
We are receiving, in David’s case, treatment at the eye, cardiac and dermatology clinics.
Joyce has been attending the eye clinic for sixteen years and is now being treated for cancer by very kind and helpful staff in Haematology.
We appreciate and admire all that we receive from the staff at these clinics.
We remember the hospital staff in our prayers.
Yours very sincerely,

David and Joyce Burton”

I think this is wonderful. This lovely couple have received but are also giving back. I believe in prayer, but I also know the power of good thoughts and positive energy. And David and Joyce are only the tip of the iceberg.

So next time you get some hospital bashing, nurse bashing, doctor bashing, manager bashing, or whatever bashing you succumb to- then think of these and many others, sending out good vibes to us all in the Trust.

One response to “We Remember You in Our Prayers

  1. I will always remember all the sick in ma prayers and even all those i nurse in the health units as ma profesion because all the glory goes back to God.

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