“A 65th Birthday I thought I would never see!” Thanking the angels.

"I thought I would not be celebrating my 65th Birthday"

“I thought I would not be celebrating my 65th Birthday”

It is easy to forget that the work that is done in the Trust makes a difference to peoples lives. On average, people live 12 years more now that before the birth of the NHS in 1948. Not all down to the NSH but a significant part of it is surely. And the work done here really can be a matter of life and death. I am so grateful for the following email. It says it all.

Hi all my name is Norma ,
and in June 2011 i was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital for tests regarding a bowel problem I had. I was seen by consultants and had scans and blood tests and when the tests came back it was reported that there was a blockage in my bowel. I was admitted for surgery and after having an operation to remove the blockage it was tested and found to be cancerous. I then underwent a course of chemo at the Rowan Suite at Worcester Royal and after all my excellent treatment I am now in remission and back at work and feeling my old self once again. I just cannot thank all the consultants,and nursing staff enough for the excellent treatment that I received while in the the care of Worcester Royal Hospital. They really are true Angels…

I have recently celebrated my 65th Birthday,a birthday that I thought I would not celebrate, but with all the care and attention from everyone around me I can now go forward and carry on living life to the full..
best wishes to all at Worcester Royal Hospital.
Mrs Norma Gale.

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