Team Work and Free TV: Great Result at Wimbledon and the Trust

Good...but not as good a free TV for patients!

Good…but not as good a free TV for patients!

I was roped into a politcal event the other day. It was to celebrate the NHS at 65 but turned into a rant about the “Tory vermin.” Not really a great idea, and was more like being in the 1970’s when bosses were the enemy and the Unions ruled!

It’s not that world now! And I’ll show you how.

On Thursday 4th July I was shadowed in my rounds by Stephen Howarth, a non-executive Trust board member. We chatted and then went to Laurel 2, where, along with Stephen, I saw a couple of patients. There was one particular patient who wanted to watch Wimbledon. This is entirely possible as all bed spaces have a TV supplied by Hospedia, which patients pay for. However, this lady couldn’t pay; she had no local relatives to contact and bring some money in, and she was extremely depressed.

After chatting to her, Stephen picked this up. We had a word with Emma Welch, the sister on Laurel 2, and decided to do something about it. So what happened next?

Well 3 things.

1) The staff on the Ward has a whip-round and gathered some money, enough to pay for this patient to watch Wimbledon until it concluded.

2) I had a quiet chat with an anonymous friend, who agreed to switch on this lady’s TV for the duration of the tennis.

3) Stephen explains his actions in this email.

Stephen Howarth: Non-Executive Director who got the ball rolling

Stephen Howarth: Non-Executive Director who got the ball rolling

“David – you will remember that on our Scatter meeting the lady you saw in Laurel 2 was feeling pretty low and would have liked to have seen Wimbledon but felt she couldn’t afford the fee. The sister responded immediately and we were trying to find a way of helping out. Chris Tidman pressed a few buttons and we have a result.”

Chris Tidman: Finance Director, Pusher of Buttons and Flicker of Switches

Chris Tidman: Finance Director, Pusher of Buttons and Flicker of Switches

Later that day, Stephen forwarded another email to me. It contained this message.

Further to your conversation with [N] this morning, I am emailing to confirm Hospedia will be providing free TV across the Worcester and Redditch Hospitals on Sunday 7thJuly between 2 and 7pm for the Wimbledon Men’s final.

Further to this Worcester and Redditch will also be included within a 3 week free TV period for the patients. TV time will run between 10am and 2pm each day beginning Tuesday 9t hJuly. Once the TV period has finished patients will be asked if they would like to take part in a satisfaction survey. The results of this survey will be reported to the Trust once the trial has ended.

This is a great result.

If the ward staff hadn’t given some money this patient would not have seen the semis and the finals.

If Stephen hadn’t shadowed me, then he would not have picked up this ladies plight. And even then, he did not have to take it further; but because he did, all the patients benefitted beyond what was initially expected.

So it is not a case of them and us.

Just a question of making things known to those who flick switches and they, like us, will do their best!

So a great result at Wimbledon. A great result at the Trust. A great result for patients.

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  2. Lovely story. All were winners!

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