Guess what it is!!! Going the extra mile on Laurel 2

Any guesses? Answers on a postcard.

Any guesses? Answers on a postcard.

Have you guessed yet? Well the email below from Nancy Howard, Respiratory Nurse Specialist at WRH spells it out- and so much more!

Dear David,

I just thought you should know about the care given to patients on Laurel 2 under the guidance and direction of their ward manager Emma Welch.

One patient I have been involved with has quite severe learning disabilities and needs overnight ventilation. Understandably she was quite reluctant to comply with treatment and would possibly not have done so were it not for the staff decorating her mask with pink (her favourite colour) flowers and gently guiding her through the first vital stages of use, with consistent positive reinforcement every night since, working with her mother.

Friday 5th July is this lady’s birthday and I heard the staff planning to bring in cake and decorate her bedspace, albeit temporarily. If you have the time to pop along to see, that would be great.

This sort of personal touch and attention to detail is typical of the care received by patients on Laurel 2 and I think should be recognised and praised.

Kind regards,

Nancy Howard

This is stunning and just shows the level of care which goes into an individual patient.

And the patient, whose name is Babs, has had her party! So today, on the 65th Birthday of the NHS, staff decorated her bedspace and a separate room; and some even turned up even though they were not on duty (didn’t you Kathryn!). The lovely staff from Communications were on hand to take photos, and have kindly sent me some; and Babs and Jean have given permission for her story to be told.

No extra words are needed. Just look at the happiness in Babs’ face.

Babs enjoying the celebrations

Babs enjoying the celebrations

Babs and Jean

Babs and Jean

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