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Chaplaincy Cuts…What Cuts? David on Radio Hereford and Worcester


A report based conducted by the BBC via FOI requests has been published today about Chaplaincy provision within the NHS. It seems to show that:

39% of trusts had fewer chaplains in 2013 – or a lower Whole Time Equivalent (WTE) – than in 2009
47% of trusts had fewer chaplaincy hours
25% of trusts increased hours
The net total reduction of hours from 2009 to 2013 was 1,380 – a reduction of 8%

(See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-22990153 for the full report)

So at stupid O’clock in the morning I was invited on Howard and Toni’s Breakfast Show on Radio Hereford and Worcester. It was a good chance to fly the flag for chaplaincy, iron out misunderstandings of what chaplains do, and mention the support that chaplains have from Worcestershire Acute Trust. Whether I was successful or not is a moot point but for 7 days you can listen to it here:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p019yzld Click play and slide the control to 1 hr 44 minutes. Let me know what you think.


Celebrating Success: 99% for Catering Dept. Hygiene at Worcester Royal

angie fredericks

Angie Fredericks and Josephine Gallagher looking a bit scary in their white lab coats!

I just want to say that this is my blog. It is not owned or influenced by any other member of the Trust. It is not a mouthpiece for the executive team or anyone else. It is just good news, and as it comes directly to me, then I approve it. And so I am really delighted for my new friend Angie and the Catering department at WRH who have achieved the best hygiene score in their company by an external audit with an amazing 99%.

This is important. So if you are a patient, you can be sure that food that you get in hospital has passed the highest standards of hygiene. And that goes for all the areas that Angie manages.

Good news I think. Read what Angie says below:


Just wanted to share some good news from the Catering Department at WRH. We were recently subject to an external hygiene audit which we have on an annual basis – and have been awarded 99% for the audit which looks at hygiene standards in the ward kitchens, restaurant, coffee shop, production areas and vending. I would like to say that we have been awarded a score of 95% or above for the last 6 years which really is an achievement. None of this would have been possible of course without the dedicated, hard working staff within the department so a great big thank you to them all.

Angie Fredericks
Catering Manager