Positive and Negative: A Relative’s View

ying yang

I know this is a good news blog, but at times it is important to hear all of the story. (I don’t want to be accused of being one sided like my tirades against the media.) That is why I am including the entirety of a letter I received this morning.

“Dear Rev’d Southall,

I was out walking last Sunday and picked up the Parish news letter from Alfrick Church. I was very interested to read about your campaign to tell good news stories about Worcestershire’s three hospitals.

I’m afraid my family had a very negative story to tell 2 years ago when my father died but I wish to write with an antidote to that.

My mother has recently had several outpatient appointments at Worcester Royal Hospital when staff have been most kind, positive and considerate towards her. I wish to single out, and thank publicly Miss Blatz, a consultant in the gynaecology dept. Her manner towards my elderly mother was quite exceptional, very kind and open, explaining all aspects without being in any way patronizing. After greeting us both, she dealt with my mother only, and directly, without involving me in the the conversation, which I thought was correct.
I was very impressed and feel certain that she deals with all patients in the way.
Please mention Miss Blatz on your blog.
Your sincerely,
(Name and address supplied)”

I am so grateful for this letter and what it reminds us.

A number of things strike me:

Negative experiences of care stay with people forever.

Positive experiences are easily recognisable.

And finally, it is not Miss Blatz’s medical expertise which made the differenc e- this is taken for granted. It is the human touch which our letter writer commends.

Worth thinking about and acting upon!

One response to “Positive and Negative: A Relative’s View

  1. Thank you for this, David, a powerful point so beautifully made.

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