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Worcester Councillor Jabba Riaz speaks of care and compassion on AMU


Councillor Jabba Riaz represents Cathedral Ward. He is a friend of Worcestershire Royal Hospital, reads this blog via Twitter (@jabbariaz) and is a fellow blogger: http://cllrjabbariaz.blogspot.co.uk.

Late this week he found himself in hospital for a family sadness and yet took time to write to thank Acute Medical Unit for their care. He has given permission for me to post his letter on my blog and in a personal email to me he said: “I am only too glad to highlight the brilliant service that the hospital provide amid the masses of hysteria causing negative articles that the tabloids are only too eager to display.” I hope you are as grateful to him as I, as you read what he has to say.

Dear Sister Mellody,

I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for the support and help that your team so kindly bestowed upon our family through our difficult period. I am grateful for the detail to attention and consideration shown by your team in attending to my Aunt Zainab Bibi (room 21) who passed away on Sat 25th May.

We are grateful as a family & community that such compassion, caring team exist within the AMU and would like to make a small donation to assist with good work that you do. I hope that this can strengthen the bond & increase understanding between our cultures/religious requirements when it comes to health care requirements.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Jabba Riaz

Cathedral Ward Worcester