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FOCUS ON STAFF: Karen Elliker- Macmillan Nurse: “Time to spend with patients.”


Karen is the sort of nurse you want on your side. She will fight for you tooth and nail- and does not mind who she takes on! For me (sparing her blushes) its because she cares about the patient. Nothing is too much trouble. anyway, read her responses and if you want yours included then send me a paragraph.

What do you do?

I am a hospital based Macmillan Nurse and I have been doing this work now for 6 years.

What does your career look like?

I have been qualified for the over 31 years and have a varied career mainly within A/E. I changed my career in 2007 after being lucky enough to undertake a secondment to the palliative care team.

Why do you do what you do?

I love what I do mainly because I can make a difference when it matters most. The most satisfying part of my work is when I can help bring to fruition patient’s wishes for end of life care.

Any interesting times?

My best memories revolve around my career and especially around meeting my husband of 22 years.
As a junior sister within an A/E department in Birmingham an ambulance crew arrived with a drunk patient who promptly got off the stretcher and thumped me. One of the ambulance crew was to become my future husband.

What about your team?

I work with a lovely team of people. We are close and very supportive of each other, this is extremely important as the work we do can be quite distressing and at times draining.

What do patients say about you?

The response from patients and relatives that I have in my care is normally positive. They very much appreciate my involvement. I think much of this is because we have time to spend with patients and relatives that other ward based staff do not have due to other pressures.

And what about the NHS?

I have worked at WRH now for 12 years in total and love it. There is a lot of unrest around the trust at the moment but at the end of the day the staff remain positive and continue to work hard. I have never worked in such a friendly supportive environment.

Anything else?

Hope that this is not too long and boring for you all to read.