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Rabia Imtiaz and the Team: Professional, Efficient, Excellent


The following email came yesterday evening and I was so moved and uplifted by it. Great work by a breat team. Hope it makes you proud πŸ™‚

Dear Reverend Southall, I detail below comments I would be grateful if you would place on your blog.
Having recently given birth to twin daughters at WRH after a high risk pregnancy I want to highlight the excellent care and support that I have received from the Maternity Unit at WRH.

During my pregnancy I used the services of all that the unit has to offer, triage, ante natal clinics, ante natal unit, delivery suite, neo natal unit, post natal unit and transitional care unit. I was under the watchful eye of Mrs Imtiaz and for those of you who know her she needs no introduction and for those of you who don’t it is suffice to say that she is a professional who is respected for her skills and expertise as an obstetrician by both staff and patients alike.

I have never encountered such a large team that works so well and efficiently together and this includes housekeeping staff, administrators, midwifes, nursery nurses all the way up to senior level staff . My only regret is I cannot name them all!

Despite being a team under immense pressure I felt that I was treated by all the staff with respect and when I needed it most to help me through a difficult time they went out of their way to support and care for me and my daughters nothing was ever too much trouble. For instance, my daughters were on the neo natal unit and I was on post natal often when I was visiting my daughters the ward would call to let me know lunch or supper was ready and this may seem insignificant to some but to me it meant that they always had my health and well being in mind. We are and will always be eternally indebted to the professionalism and skills of all the staff on the unit.

kindest regards Stef and Sean Weaver