Wendy Bull- Sister Avon 1
3 notes of thanks.
No introduction needed. The comments speak for themselves.
[Note for the less intelligent – keywords are in capitals!!!! ) ]

To all the staff on Avon 1, especially the nursing staff.
As a family we wishe to offer our heartfelt thanks for the CARE, KINDNESS and SUPPORT that you showed to Dad and us, the family, in his last days. Sadly we soon realised that Dad would not survive, but we withness that his death was PEACEFUL and DIGNIFIED. This, I know, will be of comfort to us in the future. Thank you again for your SKILL and COMPASSION.
(Name and Address supplied)

To Wendy and all staff on Avon 1 Ward.
Than you for all your CARE of my mother (name supplied) who passed away on (date supplied). Everyone was so CARING,CONSIDERATE and PROFESSIONAL. Thank you (Name supplied)To all the staff on Avon 1.
Thank you for all the CARE you have given to (name supplied) whilst he’s been with you. For LIFITING HIS SPIRITS and for allowing me theFLEXIBILITY to visit him – travelling back and forwards to home whilst my children are at school. It has meantso much 🙂 (Name supplied)

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