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“You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.”

you have saved our lives

If you know the film Toy Story (and who hasn’t watched it 156 times?) you will know the scene when Mr. Potatohead pulls the alien toys back inside the car they are driving and they say: “You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.” http://www.hark.com/clips/gjbbggstwd-you-have-saved-our-lives-we-are-eternally-grateful

It’s not given to many of us to actually save a life in drastic situations. But one WRVS voluteer passes on his thanks when his life was saved in the main entrance of Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

>On Tuesday afternoon my wife and I go to Worcester Royal Hospital where we act as volunteer Wayfinders at the Reception desk in the Main Entrance. One Tuesday afternoon, whilst there, I was by the reception desk and my wife had gone for some refreshment. It would be just after 3:30pm when it happened, but what happened I learnt only sometime afterwards. Apparently I collapse and fell to the floor. The Crash Team were mobilised immediated- this is the team experienced in dealing with medical emergencies within the Hospital. One of its members was a nurse trained in advanced resuscitation. It was she who restarted my heart, which had stopped beating. The equipment for the procedure was behind the desk only feet away from where I lay. I was taken to A&E where I spent 24 hours before being transferred to the coronary care ward where I spent the next two weeks.

The care and treatmeent I recieved was superb and this care extended tomy close family.

I had been back home for about 2 weeks or so when I was contacted by a friend from the Baptist Church. He told me in no uncertain terms that “It wasn’t meant to be; You still have a lot of work to do.”

I am now on daily tablets and regular blood tests- a small price to pay. I might take life a little slower, but my wife and I still go to the Hospital on Tuesday afternoons – ther are a lot of people less forutnate than ourselves and offering help gives us the greatest satisfaction.

You will find John Hanglin and his wife Diana at the Reception Desk on Tuesdays. If you see him tell him that you have read this and give him some thanks for the Volunteering he is doing. It seems that he is around now because of the swift action and professionalism of some staff here.