What Robin Walker MP really thought about Avon and Beech: READ ON

David Southall and Robin Walker

Robin Walker kindly emailed me after visiting last week. I think his comments speak for themselves.
I look forward to welcoming him again some time soon.

“I am always impressed by the passion and dedication of staff in our local NHS. The levels of care that I witnessed were certainly impressive and I was glad to hear that nursing numbers have been rising over the last few years. No organisation is without its challenges and as the local MP, I often hear when there have been problems but it is important to recognise the good work that takes place day in and day out and to see the positives as well as the challenges. Investing in our local NHS has been the correct decision and you can see its impact at our Hospital.”

“I was delighted when the hospital chaplain told me about his new blog and his aim to celebrate the great work that goes on in our hospital. We need to keep supporting this work and back the doctors, the matrons and the nurses to keep innovating, keep delivering and most important of all to keep caring. Care for patients is at the heart of our NHS and I am pleased to say that what I saw on my visit was a reminder of the value of that care.”

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