Robin Walker MP: Reflections on “Importance”


Robin Walker volunteers 3


David Southall and Robin Walker

I promised you some pics of Robin’s visit.

Also see here:

I was reflecting a bit on Robin Walker’s visit and the nature of importance.
He has a role to play in shaping government policy and there is an importance in that. I speak a-politically but I am a fan of those who dedicate their lives, or part thereof, to public service. By others, of course, he is seen as important, marked by the way in which he was chaperoned around the hospital yesterday- for which I for one am grateful.
But mostly real importance lies in the little things. And as we beavered around, with everyone, as always, on their best behaviour, I saw lots of important things and wanted to share them.
The nurses and HCA’s who were hurrying by serving lunches whilst we blocked (or partially blocked) the corridors!
The passion of Matrons Anita and Alison as they shared their vision and excitement of the vision for their units
The dedication of the cleaning staff, making sure that their job is done well.
The medics going about their duties in trying times.
The volunteers helping out at mealtimes.
and so much more.
There is an importance in all of these things.
And when Robin left to do other important things, our important duties remain.
I am not asking us to weigh up which is more important – the MP or the cleaner. Just to say that you find importance where you look for it. And we are part of that.
The most moving part of the visit was when Robin asked to meet a patient. And we were introduced to an inspirational woman who had gone through the mill. Not set up. Not staged. With a fantastic nurse caring for her. And she said “I have been treated like royalty.”
Sounds important to me.

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