THANKS Robin Walker MP: Supporting the Hospitals and the Chaplain’s Blog


It was fantastic to welcome Robin Walker MP and David Tibbutt to Worcestershire Royal Hospital today.

Under the guidance of Matrons Anita Cupper and Alison Davis, and along with Hospital Director Lisa Davies-Jones and Head of Nursing Ann Carey, we went around Beech and Avon Units.

Robin is supportive of the Chaplain’s Blog, but most importantly saw the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of a range of staff. I was really proud to see this and, without speaking for Mr Walker, felt he was impressed by the good things that he saw. David Tibbut, at one time consultant at Ronskwood and Castle Street, who asked some searching questions and was not disappointed by the answers.

I hope that this will not only increase traffic to the blog, but also encourage staff that our elected representatives are friends of the Acute Trust and see the value of what we do.

It would be good to build on today. Let’s see what happens.

Pictures of today’s visit will follow.

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