Lavender Gynae: “I honestly believe I could not have had better treatment anywhere!”

By email to

A few months ago I had to come into the Royal for a hysterectomy.
I hate hospitals and was scared stiff.
I came early in the morning wondering what the future held.
Sister Claire greeted me warmly and from then on everything anyone did was full of kindness. From the medical and nursing staff to those who took me to theatre.
The operation was more drastic than I thought and I stayed in hospital for the next 4 days.
Again I was treated like royalty, and saw others being treated the same way.
How do they do it?
I honestly beleive I could not have been treated better anywhere else in the world.
After these few months since that time I wanted to write and say thank you so much, not just for the medical treatment but for all the kindness and care.
So thank you(Name provided but omitted)

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