Avon 1 (Worcester): “Their Kindness Will Never Be Forgotten…”

Nursing someone who is dying is emotioally challegnging and sensitive. So easy to screw it up – and that will last with relatives forever. I had the privilege of meeting John and Pauline, and saying some final prayers and taking the funeral. Every death should matter as much as the last. Pauline let’s us know that this is the case, and she will never forget it.

“It has now been 23 days since my husband John, passed away in Avon 1 ward and of course I miss him very much.

He was in Avon 1 ward for 5 weeks and it was made very clear to me from the beginning that he was a very sick man.

However I watched nurses and doctors fight for his life over those weeks with care. kindness and total dedication for both day and night.

It was an amazing experience for me as an onlooker to see such professionalism.

There were times when John joked with nurses and they always had time to talk to him.

For myself they treated me as though I was a member of a family whose aim was to get John back to health I can only say thank you to all the members of the Avon team………….their kindness will never be forgotten
Mrs Pauline Reeves”

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