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“Giving me hope!” Teamwork and Care from A&E, Delivery, ITU, Gynae and Post-Natal

An amazing testimony of the teamwork which Michaela speaks about.

Joined up thinking; joined up care

About 14 months ago, I had a 15 day stay at Worcestershire Royal hospital for a serious Strep-A infection. I spent time in A & E, Delivery, ITU, Gynaecology and the Postnatal Ward.

During the time I was there I felt my case was personally supported by Dr. Rachel Duckett. She understood that as a new mother who wanted to breastfeed that it was important that I be re-united with my son as soon as possible, and if possible that I be able to return home to recuperate. She gave real compassion and is to be commended for giving a very sick patient hope at a time when depression was a real possibility.

Dr. John Hughes, who was very matter of fact and friendly in his approach
Heather (in Delivery), who took a personal interest and asked me to update her when I recovered
Silvie and Lily (ITU), both of whom were kind to the extent of plaiting my hair to get it out of the way and gave me comfort and I think Liz who worked with Lily in ITU.
Lizzie in Gynaecology, who was very helpful and friendly
Sophie Guarneri and Carol (?) both of whom remembered me from my labour and delivery, followed through on my requests, brought a fan into the room when I was feeling uncomfortable and went beyond the normal call of duty. This made the long nights easier. I found the nutrition staff also helpful.

The entire team got me home faster and the Home IV team took it from there.

Micaela Schmitz