Sunday Blog: Passionate about the NHS. Passionate about Patient Care

I’ve been really lucky in my jobs. I’ve never had a job I hated; and barring the bad days, never had a job I didn’t love. As an RMN, CPN, Drug Cousellor, Baptist Minister and Chaplain.

And I am not on my own.

I have entered the world of Twitter (@revdavesouthall) and am following a number of people in Worcestershire hospitals who say they are passionate about their job.


Martina Morris @MartinaMorris76
I am the Service Lead – Safe Care at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Really passionate about patient safety, high standards and quality patient care.

And many many others.

And it’s not just words. Come to Worcester Royal at 3pm when the early shift is ending, and you won’t find many nurses leaving then. Come at 3:30 or 4pm and they will leave.

You see this is not just a clock on/clock off job. It is about passion for the patients and service.

And read the comments below. Scroll down and see, time after time, thank yous for people going the extra mile.

Of course, this is not everyone. But it is a significant majority. People who really care.
Really want the best for patients.
And know that what they do makes a difference

They deserve our thanks.

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