AVON 2: Exemplary care for our son as “person” and “patient”


The days of treating the condition and not the person are long gone (let’s hope). No longer the “fractured neck of femur in bed 3” (or see this for a bit of fun at the orthopods expense- sorry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0S5EN7-RtI ). [Thanks Hoze for pointing me to this!}

But now it is John the person who has physical, spiritual and emotional needs, has interests and hobbies and is part of a family. Below is an appreciation from a father of his son’s treatment.

Senior Nurse i/c Avon 2

Dear Lady,

Our son, has been in your care for some three weeks.

On his discharge and transfer to rehabilitation in Malvern, we would like to express
our sincere thanks and gratitude for the exemplary way every member of staff
has integrated with him as a person and as a patient with so many diverse
conditions. Would you kindly, pass on our admiration and appreciation to
all those persons involved in treating, stabilising, comforting and caring for him.

We hope and pray he is able to use the experience of all your admirable work
as a spring board to a meaningful and productive future.

Thanks and best wishes to you all.

John Shipman

One response to “AVON 2: Exemplary care for our son as “person” and “patient”

  1. In times when all you tend to here from the media is criticism in one form or another it is inspiring and refreshing to see feeedback like this. Well done to all and let us pray the good work continues. I must say David, I love the cartoon and all that it stands for!

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