A&E Worcester: “This is how we would all want the NHS to be”

By email


I attach a copy of the comments I have sent directly to the hospital website, where I found your blog reference. If you can use any of the additional information I add below, please feel free to do so – a visit from you to compliment someone might make their day.

My partner Tony Bound was admitted to A&E from Malvern hospital on April 12th. Every single member of staff we met there was friendly, professional and caring.

He was transferred to AMU for a few hours, where Dr Claire Hooper ensured that he could have a CT scan the next day before allowing him to return home, for which we were very grateful. We would especially like to mention the outstanding care shown by Dr. Alexandr Cherepanov, who ensured that we understood the issues before Dr Hooper was able to see Tony, explained the CT result the next day and ensured that the images were transmitted to our local hospital in Suffolk before we left Worcester.

We don’t have the name of the young doctor (a locum) who was on duty in A&E when Tony was admitted – at about 11 am – but I think he would also be an excellent subject for the “good news” of your blog. In chatting – he was excellent at being cheerful and positive as well as professional – he told us that he “does humanitarian work in The Congo” and comes back to do locum work in the UK in order to maintain his skills. He seemed a lovely person! So did Dr Cherepanov – who went several “extra miles” to ensure that Tony’s scans were transferred to the Ipswich hospital.

They were both a great “advert” for your hospital, where we received 1st class service and support, and we wish to say “Thank you”.

This is how we would all want the NHS to be – in this case it was!!

Erica (Wren)

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