Word’s Seem Inadequate: High Praise for Audiology

By email to revdavidsouthall@aol.com

“Dear David,

The Heart of the Matter

Would you be able to forward the following acknowledgement to WRH Audiology Department please? A real reflection of the outstanding & exemplary care, treatment, stalwart support, empathy & service that members of my family continue to receive in many departments at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and via GP / associated community services within the NHS.

On Tuesday, 16th April, I visited WRH Audiology Department on behalf of my elderly father to collect a hearing aid which had been repaired for him. In amongst my father’s on-going acute medical conditions, the transformation in his emotional wellbeing on receiving the hearing aid was absolutely incredible.

Words seem inadequate, yet each of us at some stage in our life, regardless of what status or wealth is achieved, needs someone to lean on; and encouragement is a critical key to bringing uplifting, peace, contentment and joy to people.

So today, a heartfelt “Thank You” is not only conveyed to everyone in WRH Audiology Department & their colleagues on associated telephone helplines for their kindness and excellent service, this appreciation is also extended to all Directors/Consultants/Medical/Clinical/Nursing staff; hospital management / administration teams; support/community services; catering/ancilliary workers; volunteers; The Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital / fundraising initiatives; and the hospital’s Department of Spiritual & Pastoral Care.


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