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A&E Worcester: First class treatment laden with kindness, understanding and reassurance despite the pressures

Clive sent this via email. A thoughtfully written piece which is a reflection of great practice.
Thanks for writing in Clive.


You asked for good news stories about the NHS. As I said I would sent you one regarding my treatment at A and E at Worcester Royal and not forgetting the ambulance service who initially attended me.

The story goes thus. Recently on the 30th March at about two o’clock in the morning I woke up in a terrible sweat after going to bed shivering the previous evening . I decided to get up to try to cool off and take a walk to the little boys room. when in there I collapsed in a heap on the floor. My wife tells me I got up and fell over again which I have no recollection of. She called the new 111 service who sent an emergency ambulance crew to the house who were there in minutes. Full marks to the new NHS 111 service which worked.

The ambulance crew systematically diagnosed low blood pressure as a potential cause having discounted low blood sugar and blood oxygen levels. You do feel a fool in these situations and a fraud but the ambulance crew were attentive, thoughtful kind and gentle with me and regularly reassuring the wife. I was asked by them to go to A and E at Worcester Royal for further checks to be done. Fearful of spending a night in a queue on a trolley waiting to be seen I reluctantly agreed. Full marks and thanks to the ambulance crew

Well I was surprised when I was wheeled in and told I was second in the queue. Within minutes I was wheeled into a cubicle and made very comfortable. In a short while a very nice nurse came and explained she would be looking after me and explained how to call them in an emergency. A sample of blood was taken and she popped back once or twice but I fell back into sleep and was not disturbed. Latter a doctor appeared who had a lovely approach being gentle and caring which is so reassuring when we may be feeling unsure ourselves. His check over me was thorough giving you confidence that he knew what he was doing. His communication was clear and simple again easing worries that I may have had.

My wife tells me she rung the accident and emergency desk a couple of times and was treated like a Queen with updates and advice of when to ring again reassuring her if she any concerns just to ring them.

I was still there at shift changeover and when the new shift staff came on they introduced themselves to me who would be dealing with me.

Breakfast then wonderfully appeared and if I had asked for steak and chips I feel they would have attempted to get it for me. Cheekily I asked please could I have another cup of tea please and it was there in seconds. You do not get service like that at top restaurants and all done with a wonderful smile and politeness which brightened up my morning .

Before I would be let out a chest X ray had to be done everyone was positive communicative and cheery resulting in you not feeling alone and isolated in an unfeeling and insular world.

With nothing more that could be done for me I was discharged. I asked please could I use the phone to ring the wife to come and pick me up. They helpfully pointed me to a discrete corner of the nursing station and indicated the best phone to use and how.

What can I say to sum up the care I received that night and morning. It was first class laden with kindness, understanding and reassurances even though there were obvious pressures on the staff there dealing with very difficult cases I suspect. I could ask and want for no better.

After all the negativity we read and hear about my treatment that night/morning by all the staff involved should be held up as a shining example of what is done I feel naturally and not put on and is very often unnoticed and unrewarded I suspect.

Only bad news sells newspapers and makes good news these days.

I do hope my experience and this little e mail conveys to those who may read it a reassurance they are in good hands by staff who have hearts and care for those who find themselves in need of their skills and expertise.

Kind regards


Word’s Seem Inadequate: High Praise for Audiology

By email to revdavidsouthall@aol.com

“Dear David,

The Heart of the Matter

Would you be able to forward the following acknowledgement to WRH Audiology Department please? A real reflection of the outstanding & exemplary care, treatment, stalwart support, empathy & service that members of my family continue to receive in many departments at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and via GP / associated community services within the NHS.

On Tuesday, 16th April, I visited WRH Audiology Department on behalf of my elderly father to collect a hearing aid which had been repaired for him. In amongst my father’s on-going acute medical conditions, the transformation in his emotional wellbeing on receiving the hearing aid was absolutely incredible.

Words seem inadequate, yet each of us at some stage in our life, regardless of what status or wealth is achieved, needs someone to lean on; and encouragement is a critical key to bringing uplifting, peace, contentment and joy to people.

So today, a heartfelt “Thank You” is not only conveyed to everyone in WRH Audiology Department & their colleagues on associated telephone helplines for their kindness and excellent service, this appreciation is also extended to all Directors/Consultants/Medical/Clinical/Nursing staff; hospital management / administration teams; support/community services; catering/ancilliary workers; volunteers; The Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital / fundraising initiatives; and the hospital’s Department of Spiritual & Pastoral Care.