“HOSPITAL DOES ITS JOB” Should be Headline News Every Day

I was taxed by two things this week.

The first was the overstatement from Local Councillor Maddy Bunker who tweeted: “Mistakes so often by Acute Trust” and went on to tell a tragic tale.

The second was from Radio Broadcaster Michael Collie when he interviewed me on Radio HandW saying “But is “hospital does it’s job” news, that’s what it is supposed to do.”

Now no one is saying there aren’t sad stories, sometimes caused by human error Ms. Bunker. The NHS, unlike local politics, deals with matters of life and death every day.Sometimes mistakes happen- always a tragedy whatever the situation and whoever is to blame.

And YES, Mr Collie, “Hospital does it’s job” is headline news. Look at the blog and do the math.

It is for my friend who had a detached retina, and whose sight was saved by quick treatment.
It is for Chris, whose chemo treatment worked.
It is for Beryl’s family who will always remember her passing as a time that mattered to the nurses and full of compassion.
It is for Mrs Smith who, time after time, has has excellent treatment.
It is for the couple who lost thier baby and were surrounded by kindness.

It is for those thousands who will be treated today and tomorrow and beyond.
And I dare say it will be for you Mr. Collie and Ms. Bunker should you ever need our services.

That’s why people come to us and not to the radio studio or the local council offices when they are ill.

I am not asking for a whitewash. For a cloud cuckoo land where we dream that everything is right.

Just for some balance, where in a different world, where good news sold, “Hospital does amazing things” would be headline news every day.

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