Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

We lost our baby and you were so kind: Delivery Suite Worcester Royal

Sent by email to revdavidsouthall.com

“Dear David,
Six months ago we lost our baby (name omitted) after a difficult pregnancy. We cannot thank the staff on Delivery Suite enough. They were so kind, caring and compassionate. You came and blessed our son in the Fay Turner room and took his funeral 2 weeks later and all that meant a lot to us to. I can’t understand all those people who moan about the hospital. We couldn’t have asked for better care. Thank you so much, (name supplied but omitted).”

I think this takes guts to write. I hope it is read widely by staff and the public.

Worcestershire MP’s Support Hospital Good News Campaign

I am delighted that Peter Luff MP, Harriet Baldwin MP and Robin Walker MP have supported the Celebrating Worectershire Hospitals Good News Campaign.

Peter’s comments are shown in the post below.

Harriet Baldwin MP tweeted: “What a lovely idea” @HBaldwinMP and hopes the local press will get behind the campaign.

MP Robin Walker emailed: “What an excellent initiative. I think this is a great idea and I would certainly like to support it. I
would be delighted to do what I can to draw attention to your blog and your important work.”

I am really glad that we all seem to have hit a nerve here. Do keep your good news stories coming in. Go to the CONTACT ME tab.